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Elizabeth Allison

Elizabeth Allison is a wife, mom, stepmom, and dog mom. Elizabeth has been an educator for twenty-five years and currently serves as an elementary school principal. Her past jobs include waitress, security officer and greenhouse worker. Elizabeth lived and taught in Italy for two years. She speaks Italian, Dutch and French.

Elizabeth lives in the freezing north of London, Canada but dreams of a retirement in Florida, as close to Walt Disney World as possible. A bakery connoisseur, she budgets her appetite to include maximum cake consumption. She is the eldest of four siblings, who are her best friends.

In the summer, Elizabeth floats in the pool and walks the dogs. In the winter she watches TLC on the couch under a weighted blanket in front of a blazing fire. Elizabeth began writing fiction after being encouraged by her husband, who is her greatest fan.

Her first novel, Lattes and Love was self-published in 2018. Emily’s New Everything is her first novel to be published with Black Rose Writing. Elizabeth is hard at work on her next project; she writes during the summer after the school year ends, on the deck with a coffee. 


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